Hazrat Ghayoor Ahmed

Chishti Nizami Lutfi Hameedi Rehmatullah

August-1919.AD December-2003

Khuwaja Ghayoor Ahmed R.A Khuwaja Ghayoor Ahmed R.A


Hazrat Khuwaja Ghayoor Ahmed Khan Chishti Nizami Lutfi Hameedi Rehmatullah was the sufi saint of Chishti Nizami sufi order,scholar, he was a renowned Muslim Sufi mystic, saint and scholar of the Chishti Order Pakistan.


In Mahinder Garh, India, on one pleasant morning of the mid August 1919 a pious lady gave birth to a beautiful child whose impressive eyes attracting everyone,the voices of wishes were spread all around. Parents were very much delightful on their first child's arrival. Nobody knew at that time that this child will be the great saint of his time. Initially his name was Zahoor Ahmed, but later a saint named Khalifa Umeed Ali R.A changed name Zahoor Ahmed to Ghayoor Ahmed. In naming convention the similarity taken the priority due to his Father's name was Abdul-Shakoor and grand father's name was Abdul-Ghafoor. Khalifa Umeed Ali R.A was himself the teacher of Farsi and Urdu.

Early Life

He passed his middle examination in 1935 from Anglo Vernacular Middle School Mahinder Garh, india, and after passed entrance exam from Government high school Rewari india in 1937. In August 1938 went Ali Garh Muslim University for higher education where he studied for two years and returned in April-1939.


After returning from ali garh Hazrat Qibla Ghayoor Ahmed R.A. joined Narnool Nizamat, where he served for few months and left due to lesser chances of promotion and job status was temporary. Few months later in June-1940 joined Telephone Revenue Accounts Deptt. of Dehli. Almost 2 years later, joined the M.E.S (Military Engineering Service),its office was in Red Fort(Laal Qila) Dehli, during M.E.S service posted in different places like Rana Ghat, Gohaati(Asaam), Culcuta etc .

Discipleship Silsila-e-Aalia Chishtia Nizami

Hazrat Qibla Ghayoor Ahmed Khan Rehmatullah was pious nature, always willing to spend his time among the saints for learning true path of islam. He kept alive his nights with prayers, recitation quran, mediation. Before meeting his Peer o murshid , Hazrat Qibla Ghayoor Ahmed rehmatullah accompanied different saints of the time. After meeting to his peer o murshid Hazrat sufi Abdul-Hameed dankouri rehmatullah, he dreamed that "Peer Sufi Abdul-Hameed dankouri Rehmatullah saying Ghayoor Ahmed i have your spiritual success; so do not go anywhere now".

Khilafa-e-Mijaaz of Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A.

Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed Dankouri Rehmatullah saw the capabilities of his prominent disciple, who was outstanding learner of sufi mystic education and so sufi Abdul-hameed R.A awarded Khilafat-e-Mijaaz in 1967 to Hazrat Qibla Ghayoor Ahmed R.A. and gave authority to make disciple of his own. Both Sufi Abdul-Hameed Dankouri R.A and Hazrat Ghayoor Ahmed R.A made disciple in the same time.It is not wrong to say that Hazrat Ghayoor Ahmed khan R.A the premier successor and caretaker of silsila-e-aalia in absence of Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A. Hazrat Qibla Ghayoor Ahmed Rehmatullah gave Khilafat-Mijaaz to his most prominent disciple and spiritual successor Hazrat Moulana Shahid Hussain Chishti Nizami.

Dua-e-Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A. for Silsila-aalia

Hazrat sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A lived his life in spreading true message of islam his home town was Dankour, india but traveled pakistan and india for it,and also kept himself in touch with his beloved khalifa Ghayoor ahmed R.A through letters and often awarded tittles like Khalifa-e-Azam, Saalar-e-Qafla Lutfia Hameedia, Ashiq-e Lutfullah, Mehboob-e Hameed . Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A wrote in his letters that i see darkness after me in silsila but "you are the only hope" and "my silsila will continue till Qiyamat through you". Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A died on Friday,5th ziqad 1409AH - 9th june-1989AD.

Caliphs / Khulfa-kiram

Hazrat Qibla Ghayoor Ahmed R.A gave khilafat to 7 prominent disciples of silsila-aalia, whose names are as 1)Khalifa Qazi Zia-ul-Haq(Hyderabad), 2)Khalifa Abdul-Qadeer(Hyderabad), 3)Khalifa Qazi Inam-ul-Haq(Hyderabad), 4)Khalifa Moulana Shahid Hussain (Hyderabad), 5)Khalifa Jameel Ahmed (Hyerabad), 6)Khalifa Hanif Ahmed(karachi) and 7)Khalifa Saeed Ahmed(Multan).


Hazrat Qibla Ghayoor Ahmed R.A died on the same date of his peer's wisaal 5th ziqad Monday,1424/29th december,2003 in hyderabad and buried in his dargah located in Tando Yousif Graveyard-Hyderabad,pakistan.