Hazrat Khawaja Hassan Muhammad Chishti (ra)

Restless is the servant of your court Oh messenger ! hastily deliver this message Morning and evening , the perpetual chant of the lips is: Salutatios to you , have mercy, oh leader of the people When Hassan and Muhammad is your name.

Khawja Hassan Muhammad (r.a) was another great Sufi masters of Gujrat who sprang from the lineage of Hazrat Kamal Uddin Allama (r.a), He was the nephew and foremost successor of Shaykh Jalam Uddin Jamman, as well as being son of another great Sufi of his family, Shaykh Ahmad Mian Ju ('the long lived one') He has been given the patronymic of Abu Salih ( the father of righteousness), which may have been a reference to his outstanding piety and degree of taqwa. Khwaja Hassan Muhammad (r.a) swiftly completed his religious education and became widely known as an alim of deep knowledge and spirituality. He wrote over forty works in total, the more famous of which include: Tafsi al-Muhammadi, Taqsim Al-Awrad, Hashiya Tafsir Bizadi, hashiya Quwat al Qulub bi sharh matalih, and Hashiya Nuzhat al-Arwah. These writings, spanning Quranic commentary, works on ethics, as well as various verifying and explanatory works on older texts, are an indication as to the broad reach of Khawaja Hassan's academic prowess. In addition to this, Majalis-e-Hasiniyya, an important hagiographical work of the time ( and source of some of the preceding information) was complied from the anecdotes and teachings of Khwaja Hassan Muhammad, which were collected by his Khalifah Khwaja Muhammad. He received Khilafat from both his uncle and his father in all their various orders. In addition, he added many links to the Chishti Nizami order by receiving khilafat in other Sufi orders, including:

Sayyid Muhammad Giyath Nur Baksh in the Qadriyyah Aliyyah Silsilah. This link was so prominent that some have termed this branch of the Silsilah' The Chishtiyya Aliyyah.'

1. Shah baha Uddin ( The HakimSuhrawardi order).

2. The firdausi silsilah, which was the order of the famous saint of Bihar, Khwaja Sharaf Uddin Yahya Maneri (r.a)

3 The Kubrawi silsilah.

The company and tawajjuh of Khwaja Hassan Muhammas (r.a) had magnetic powers; it was described as an elixir which infused people with sicerity. His spiritual insight was piercing- even among the exalted company of the Sufis, he was known as 'sahib al kashf wal karamat' ( a master of spiritual unveilings and miracles). His muridin were very numerous, and he had many khulafah who were sent all over the Indian Subcontinent. He passed away on the 28th Dhul Qaadah 982 AH, and lies buried in Ahmadabad.