Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A.

Chishti Nizami Lutfi Rehmatullah

5th ziqad 1409 AH, 09th June-1989

Khuwaja Ghayoor Ahmed R.A

Chishtia school of thought gave countless sufi personnel to subcontinent the list started from Khuwaja-e-Khuwajgan Moin-ud-din Hassan Sanjari Ajmairi Rehmatullah, well famous as the name of Gharib Nawaz. Hazrat Gharib Nawaz Rehmatullah, devoted his life to subcontinent for islam. The mission of Khuwaja Gharib Nawaz's peace and harmony continues and remain till qiyamat in every part of subcontinent and all over the world through his certified (sufis)representatives.

Early Life

One of them was Murshid-e-Kamil Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A., the premier Khalifa of Hazrat Moulana Lutfullah Shah R.A. Before the death, Moulana Lutfullah R.A, admitted to hospital due to his diabetics disease, Moulana Lutfullah R.A knew that time has come to leave now, so Moulana Lutfullah R.A called in room to Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A and transferred all authorities, knowldege, faiz of silsila to Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A. Although Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed was so young at that time and was studying in Ali-Garh Muslim University and even other senior caliphs of Moulana Lutfullah Shah R.A. were present, But the responsibilities of Leadership of Silsila Aalia Chishtia Nizamia handed to a young Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A.


Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A struggled almost half a century (43years), he yearly came to pakistan after a long journey and also traveled different cities of pakistan for teaching his disciples. Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A devoted his whole life to his peer's mission of spreading true message of islam. Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A utilized his all (wealth,health) for it. The life of Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A. himself a lesson for disciples how to live life.

Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A. loved to Mehfil-e-Sama, yearly specially arranged Urs-Mubarak of his peer on 14-Zilhaj, chaired it. The Guest of Mehfil had too much worth for Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A. He himself ate the (Lunger)dinner after each and every guest.

Khulfa-Kiram / Caliphs

Murshid-e-Kamil Hazrat Sufi Abdul-Hameed R.A. certified Khilafat(caliph) to his prominent disciples, whose names are as 1)Khalifa Noor Muhammad R.A.(Karachi) 2) Khalifa Qiyamuddin R.A.(Karachi) 3) Khalifa Zain-ul-abdeen R.A(Hyderabad-Pak) 4)Khalifa Ghayoor Ahmed R.A(Hyderabad-Pak) 5) Khalifa Ghayyas Ahmed R.A.(Hyderabad-Pak) 6) Khalifa Anwar Khan (Present Hyderabad-Pak) 7) Khalifa Islam-ud-din (Shadadpur-pak).